Internship offers - 4th semester of the Master diploma - 2019

Master students of the year 2018-2019 are currently in laboratories. Find here their interships subjects.

Ammonia Observations over the Euro-Mediterranean region from IASI
Sarah Safieddine, LATMOS (Paris Sorbonne)
Intern : Rimal ABEED (graduating the Master in Chemistry)

Characterization of a Fast-GC/Proton Transfer Reaction-Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer for ambient measurements of speciated BVOCs
S. Dusanter, SAGE, IMT Lille Douai
Intern : Denys KALININ (graduating the Master in Chemistry)

Identification of oxygen-containing compounds on the surface of soot particles by two-step laser mass spectrometry (L2MS)
Y. Carpentier, PhLAM, University of lille
Intern : Kawssar HAIDER (graduating the Master in Chemistry)

Individual exposition to atmospheric particulate pollution
S. Crumeyrolle, LOA, University of lille
Intern : Nan YIN (graduating the Master in Physics)

Measurements of SOA precursors in an atmospheric simulation chamber using rotational spectroscopy
A. Cuisset, LPCA, Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale
Intern : Thi Thanh TRAN (graduating the Master in Physics)

Molecular modeling of core ionization spectra of adsorbed molecules on ice
A. Severo Pereira Gomes and C. Toubin, PhLAM, University of lille
Intern : Richard OPOKU (graduating the Master in Physics)

Quantum study of the interaction of small atmospheric molecules with soot particles
D. Pelaez-Ruiz, PhLAM, University of lille
Intern : Koundioun DEMBELE (graduating the Master in Physics)

Rupture of pollen grains induced by pollution
M. Choël and N. Visez, LASIR and PC2A, University of lille
Intern : Mirna SHAMAS (graduating the Master in Chemistry)


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