Processing and computing ressources provided by ICARE

One of the Data and Service Center Infrastructure ICARE's mission is to provide to its users computer resources for the exploitation of data for which it ensures the dissemination.

Recently, ICARE has also been working to interface their databases (> 6 Petabytes) with the High Performance Computing (HPC) system of the University of Lille. This will make sure to offer users increased computing resources.

Members of the Labex CaPPA and the entire scientific community working on atmospheric data, can benefit from these ressources :

  • for data processing through the ICARE Data and Services Center users cluster
  • for computing ressources , through the High Performance Computing (HPC) system of the University of Lille.


Access to the users cluster ICARE

1. register as user of ICARE services

2. ask access to the cluster


Access to data computing HPC of the University of Lille

Note that the HPC cluster is currently only accessible to researchers formally associated with University of Lille. Request must be sent per e-mail under by the director of the laboratory with which you are associated.

Please find here the detailed process: http://hpc.univ-lille.fr/acces/cluster-hpc-htc

Do not hesitate to check http://www.icare.univ-lille1.fr or to contact the team for any information : contact@icare.univ-lille1.fr