Equipements bought since 2012 for the Labex CaPPA

The "Programme d'Investissement d'Avenir" (PIA) gave 1075500€ to buy equipments for CaPPA research activities.
The European regional development fund (FEDER) contributed also with 220194€.

For the LOA (Laboratoire d'Observation Amtmospherique) : 

From PIA  : 

- interferometer IRT

- micro-probe RAMAN

From FEDER :

- photometer manuel Microtops II

- the CaPPA Mobile (Read more)

- APD detector for lidar

- photomultiplicator and acquired system


For the PC2A (Laboratoire de physicochimie des processus de combustion de l'atmosphère)


From PIA : 

- particules counter with electric mass granulometer SMPS et RX source

- laser Quantel

- optical counter

- cryothermostat Lauda RP 890

- powerpoint system Gaz 3 ways

- stuff to build a cooled reactor 

- air compressor / air dryer

From FEDER : 

- Modulator AP

- solid micro-wave generator 

- generator 4 canals and power

- work station HP

- digital oscilloscope

- soot generator

- un atténuateur variable à large bande

- cryothermastat Lauda RP855


For the PhLAM (Laboratoire de physique des lasers, Atomes et Molécules) : 

From PIA : 

- synthetisor 20 GHz

- laser Eximère

- hygrometer

- main data processing

- 7 computing node

- fibre module Raman

From FEDER : 

- tools for spectrometer Raman


SAGE Department (Sciences de l'Atmosphère et Génie de l'Environnement)

From PIA, a mini ACSM Read more


 ICARE (Data and services center) 

From PIA : 

- storage servers

- Extension and modification of computing network  

From FEDER : 

- air condition to keep cold servers


For the LASIR (Laboratoire de spectrochimie infrarouge et Raman)

From PIA :

- micro-probe Raman

From FEDER : 

- optical granulometer counter 

- tools for LabRAM HR