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Alumni and current students are coming from 14 different countries. Check this out on the map.

Academic year 2020-2021

Adwoa A. (Ghana)
Athulya S. (India)
Nicolas F. (France)
Rawan A. (Lebanon)
Marwa Sa. (Lebanon)
Thi-Hong-Na P. (Vietnam)
Marwa Sh. (Lebanon)



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Academic year 2018-2019

Richard O. (Ghana)
Kawssar H. (Lebanon)
Thanh T. (Vietnam)
Mirna S. (Lebanon)
Rimal A. (Lebanon)
Koundioun D. (Mali)
Nan Y. (China)
Denys K. (Ukraine)


Seminar-course with Pr. Yoshizumi KAJII (back of the picture)

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Academic year 2017-2018







Soulemane Halif N. (Cameroon)
Athanasios N. (Greece)
Thanh T. (Vietnam)
Karyna K. (Ukraine)

Noureddin O. (Lebanon)
Mira F. (Lebanon)

Siveen T (Lebanon)
Bao Anh P. N. (Vietnam)


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Academic year 2016-2017

Carla R. (Venezuela)
Sara I. (Lebanon)
Ana C. (Romania)
Bao Anh P. N. (Vietnam)
Lu L. (China)
Miaomiao Z. (China)
Li C. (China)
Dumitru D. (Moldavia)
Ramon Lorenzo P-B. (Cuba)


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Academic year 2015-2016

Layal F. (Lebanon)
Nitesh J. (India)

Antoine R. (France)
Ahmad Ali L. (Lebanon)
Liang X. (China)
Jiarong L. (China)
Chao Z. (China)









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Academic year 2014-2015

Qiaoyun H. (China)
Yamid G. R. (Colombia)
Junteng W. (China)
Camille F. (France)
Shen F. (China)

Ioana P. (Romania)
Soha A. K. (Lebanon)

Alexandre D. (France)

Mohamad A. A. (Lebanon)
Mohamad Nour Z. (Lebanon)




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   Graduation ceremony of the master of chemistry

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Academic year 2013-2014

Libing H. (China)
Gaoxuan W. (China)

Samantha S. (France)
Laura R. (France)
Lamia M. (France)

Emmanuel A. (France)
Christopher B. (France)
Damian S. (Poland)

Najiha A. (France)
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