Internship offers - 4th semester of the Master diploma - 2021

Did COVID-19 restrictions in continental Europe offer low-hanging fruits for the understanding of aerosol - cloud interactions?
O.Sourdeval, LOA, University of Lille

Simulations 3D du signal RADAR/LIDAR dans un modèle atmosphérique. Sensibilité aux paramétrisations microphysiques.
G.Penide, LOA, University of Lille

Ground-based aerosol monitoring over the ocean: a step forward with ship-photometer.
P.Goloub, LOA, University of Lille

Rupturing of individual pollen grains under controlled environment.
M.Choel, LASIRe, University of Lille

pH microenvironment sensing in single aerosols.
Y.Tobon, LASIRe, University of Lille

Unraveling the atmospheric degradation of iodinated organic compounds.
F.Louis, PC2A, University of Lille

Towards low-pollutant combustion technologies: Experimental studies of ozone-assisted combustion.
G.Vanhove, PC2A, University of Lille

On the influence of hydrogen on the low-temperature combustion kinetics of biofuels.
Y.Fenard, PC2A, University of Lille

Theoretical investigation of the combustion kinetics of potential biofuels.
Y.Fenard, G.Vanhove, F.Louis PC2A, University of Lille

Development of an accurate VOC sampling system based on drone technology.
J.De Brito, T.Salameh, SAGE, IMT LILLE DOUAI

Heterogeneous reactivity of Alkyl nitrates with atmospheric particles.
M.Romanias, F.Thevenet, SAGE, IMT LILLE DOUAI

Investigating the emissions and chemical reactivity of asphalt concrete towards key atmospheric species of different chemical families.
T.Salameh, M.Romanias, SAGE, IMT LILLE DOUAI

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in atmospheric deposits on the northwestern and southwestern coasts of the Mediterranean Basin.

Investigation of the atmospheric radical budget in Cap Corsica.

In-situ observation of light absorbing organics in Lille and their relationship to particulate organic nitrates.

Tropospheric degradation of (Z)-CF3CF=CHCl by OH radicals.

Theoretical study of the ozonolysis of maleic acid droplets.
D.Duflot, PHLAM, University of Lille

Probing Actinides properties via quantum chemical approaches.
F.Réal, PHLAM, University of Lille

Understanding the core ionization spectra of iodated species in solutions via computational X-ray spectroscopy.
A.Severo Pereira Gomes, PHLAM, University of Lille

Assessing new electronic structure methods for computational X-ray spectroscopy of halogenated species at interfaces.
A.Severo Pereira Gomes, PHLAM, University of Lille

Molecular level investigation of organics at the air/water interface.
C.Toubin, PHLAM, University of Lille

Probing pyruvic acid at water/vapour interfaces with multiscale molecularmodelling.
V.Valet, PHLAM, University of Lille

Terahertz observations and modelling of water dimer absorption.
R.Motiyenko, PHLAM, University of Lille

Ground-based measurements and analysis of greenhouse gases in the atmospheric column using Laser heterodyne radiometer (LHR).
C.Weidong, LPCA, Université Littoral Côte d'Opale 

Kinetic studies of BVOCs ozonolysis in an atmospheric simulation chamber using THz rotational spectroscopy.
A.Cuisset, LPCA Université Littoral Côte d'Opale